22seven is all about seeing things differently – whether your money, behaviour or how to make your dreams come true. It was this central idea that inspired our new look and feel and the new logo you’ll find on our site and in our apps. We also like to think it’s more than just a pretty face.

The fresh look for 22seven was created with some help from our friends at Radar. The agency’s creative director, Tricia Snowball says that  the idea for the glasses logo goes to the heart of what 22seven is all about.

“The glasses iconography presented itself because the one thing that 22seven does, is bring your money into focus,” she explains.

“You can see it properly, perhaps for the first time. By seeing clearly, you see differently. With better vision, you move more confidently, venture into places that you couldn’t go before. You experience a sense of freedom, a sense of purpose. With vision, comes a future,” says Snowball.

“The glasses were our way of saying start that journey. See clearly and see a different way.”

The idea for glasses was interpreted by designer Andries Odendaal to what you see on 22seven today, alongside the logo of our holding company Old Mutual.

We then had some fun by applying the logo to our social media presences on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter where our sheep character – who still needs a name – makes her… or his… appearance. Hmm.

The sheep designs and some of the icons you see in 22seven were created by the team at Infiltrate Media. The rest of our icon designs came from Radio. Money is serious stuff, but our icons remind us to also have fun with our cash. It’s part of life, after all, and if we’re going to do this stuff we may as well enjoy it.


Along with a fresh “look and feel” 22seven also made some fundamental changes to our user interface on the Web and added some long-awaited features to our iPhone app.

On the iPhone one can now sign up for 22seven, add bank, card, loan and investment accounts and alter manual values on our spending plan. This makes the iPhone app a stand-alone 22seven experience for the first time and we’re excited about improving it over time, along with adding a specific iPad view as part of a universal iOS app. We have also tested the app extensively with iOS 7 which will be available from Apple on 18 September.

22seven for iOS

We’re committed to mobile, regard it as a fundamental element of seeing things differently and effectively engaging with your money on a day-to-day basis. We subscribe to a ‘mobile only’ philosophy in designing 22seven and believe that mobile experiences should be specifically crafted to best utilise the platforms they appear on. We develop natively for the leading mobile operating systems with specific teams dedicated to each.

Which raises a question we’re getting very often – “When will it be available for Android?”

We’re working feverishly on an Android app for the Google Play store. It will be native and underpinned by Google’s design philosophy, which we subscribe to. It will not be based on the iOS app but rather developed to embrace the best of what Android has to offer. We appreciate the difference between platforms and the people who use them. We’re also working towards having the app available before the end of 2013.

Finally, 22seven has a brand new approach to welcoming first-time customers and gets right to the heart of what people want to achieve with their money by revealing how it is spent on the things that matter most to us. This is the beginning of a journey toward doing more of the things that matter and more effectively taking care of the things we have to.

This also determines which spending categories will be highlighted in the new spending plan view that has become central to the 22seven interface as a destination where you can see all your money in one place, where it is going and how much of it you have, owe and can borrow.

The spending plan can also now travel back in time to previous months where you can see how much money came in and out of your world and what happened in each category of spending.


Our intention is to never stop improving 22seven with the help of our customers who have been very vocal in telling us what they think of the new look and feel. We’re listening and constantly planning – and we still have a lot to do in turning 22seven into what it looks like in our dreams. Our new look and feel paves the way for the future of the service and we’re incredibly proud to be sharing it with you.