Budgeting is a great idea – budgets not so much. For most people doing your own budget entails endless spreadsheets that make your eyes glaze over with more numbers than you can shake a calculator at. It feels like getting it right would require you to actually be a computer. After all the hard work of creating a budget, no one sticks to them anyway – so what was the point? Budgeting needs to be saved from budgets. And you. By tracking your money as it moves, you can live in the moment with your decisions and stay on point.

You don’t want to be a computational device that churns out data, nor do you want to gaze upon list after list of numbers. On the other hand, you gazing at a pretty sunset? Sure. You’re likely to subscribe to that Instagram feed. 22seven user Ross has gone from an old school budget to a new scenario where the money stuff is handled automatically and he can spend more time focusing on the future.

I’m not a very organized financial guy. What it’s helped me with is to see where I can save, where I’m wasting money.

The only financial problem you’re really able to compute in the moment is, “Are you paying by cash or card?” No one needs to know that the only reason you’re certain of the answer is because it’s end-of-the-month-Salticrax time again – there is no cash. But finding the black holes in your monthly spending helps you plug them before the cash runs out. By being organised, you’re being smarter about your money – smart people get to eat sushi at the end of the month. We like sushi.

It shows you very simply and very graphically where you’re spending your money and where your money is going.

What if you didn’t need to complete a course in accounting to understand your expenses after all? What if looking at your monthly spending meant being able to treat yourself at the end of the month? It worked for Ross, who gained a lot of the good stuff by removing a lot of the confusion and seeing things clearly and simply for the first time.

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