Keeping track of exactly how much you spend on things can be tricky. Take bank charges, for example. Banks often SMS you whenever you spend money, but they don’t send you a message when it’s them doing the taking. When 22seven user Selwyn took a closer look he saw just how much he spent on bank charges and could then make an informed decision to change banks – a simple action that freed up money he can now use to save for a pilot’s license or put towards home repairs.

I want to start planning my dreams and my goals.

We all dream of that idyllic future, the one with everything you could possibly want and need: weekend getaways to the French countryside, shopping sprees on the London high-streets, backpacking through Asia or road trips with a certain four-wheeled machine that’s worth more than your childhood home. It all feels so close that you could almost reach out and pay for it with a simple swipe… Almost.

But before you’re able to splash out there’s still that growing credit card balance that needs to be brought down to size, a petrol tank that’s nearly running on fumes, and you’ve needed a new computer ever since they stopped running DOS.

Your dreams are right there, calling out to you. They’re as clear as a flawless diamond, but your debt feels bigger than that hole in Kimberley. Taking action to reduce debt or cater for the things we need to do is difficult, especially when the truth of where and how we’re spending our money is hazy.

We always think these things in our mind. We always plan these wonderful things that we want to do. And we always say, ‘One day, when I have some money…

Selwyn was able to blast away some of that haze and see his money more clearly by having all his money stuff in one place. This led to small actions that have a big impact, like saving several hundred rand per month on bank fees. Seeing clearly is the beginning of making a plan and bringing the dreams we have a little bit closer.

Watch Selwyn tell his money story.