Ta-daa! Our Android app is available. You can download it right now on Google Play™ and take it with you anywhere, any time. For instance: At the supermarket, use the app to check how much you have left to spend on groceries for the month. On the bus or in a queue, see how you’ve been using your money lately.

Why the long drum roll?

It’s true that 22seven for Android has been a long time coming. That’s because we’d never just copy and paste what we’ve done for the web or iPhone. No, we wanted to put love and care into designing a native Android app that’s fast, smooth and feels like Android.


Please do use your device during the performance

The app will work with Android smartphones and is pretty good on 7” and 10” tablets, too. It requires Android 4.0 or up. To find your Android version, use your device to go to Settings > About Phone (or About Tablet) > Android version. You can also visit this link on your device.

There’ll be encores

Having the app out doesn’t mean the curtain comes down. Over the next weeks and months we’ll add additional features and delights. And as our service matures, 22seven for Android will bloom with it.

Applause and ovations (and yes, even boos)

We really want to know what you think of the app. Because, obviously, we want to make sure it’s awesome. So if you love it, let us know. If you have ideas or issues, thesvens@22seven.com are all ears.


Get it on Google Play


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