Will Mason is not a superhero. He’s also not a Nobel laureate in economics or double black belt in financial ju-jitsu. He’s a regular guy who happens to be R800 richer each month than he might have been.

Will has no secret superpower or mathemagical formula. He has not spent extra hours working out a budget every month (quite the opposite, actually). He has simply had his eyes opened.

Like a lot of us, Will thought he knew how much he was drawing from ATMs, how much he was paying in bank charges, and how much he was spending on a lot of other things. But what he thought was quite different from what actually was. That changed when he signed up with 22seven.

For the first time, he saw exactly where his money was going. A lot of which was to his bank. He was being charged R60 or more for every ATM withdrawal – charges he otherwise wouldn’t have been aware of, since he was under the impression he was paying a flat monthly fee.


*Disclaimer: these are not Will’s actual numbers. Also, they do not show the emotional stages typically experienced by someone seeing, for the first time, how much they spend on what, namely: denial, anger, acceptance and then action.


Will swiftly changed banks, immediately reducing his fees every month. He also opened a savings account for the first time, and instead of paying hundreds to his old bank, he started using that money to pay himself.

That was a quick and easy win – one small change Will’ll benefit from for years – but it’s not the only win. He also uses 22seven to keep tabs on his grocery spending through the month. By being a little more conscious of what he buys, where, he’s finding hundreds more that previously would have gone to supermarkets but are now going into his savings account.

Now it’s a few months and a few thousand rand later. Will hasn’t had to put in much effort. He hasn’t made any sacrifices. And he’s feeling, erm, super.