Although we talk a lot about how 22seven helps you see your money differently, and although we work hard to do that very well, it’s actually not what 22seven is ultimately about. The numbers you see, and the way you see them, are only a means to an end. And that is to help our customers do more of what matters most to them (and less of what matters least). Put differently, we’re not so much about being richer as living more richly.

Which is why stories like Sarah’s mean so much to us.

Sarah used to drive a silver Mercedes Benz C320 Elegance Estate. Which she absolutely loved. And why shouldn’t she? It was a gorgeous car.

It was also an expensive car. The loan repayments were high, fuel consumption was high, and even with a motor plan (which was coming to an end) there were maintenance costs. But her business had been doing well. And she loved the car.

Then Sarah started using 22seven and looking at where her money went. She saw what her car was costing in total. (A lot.) But, more than that, she saw what it was costing compared with other things. And she was spending more on her car than on her two children.

It was a sad moment for Sarah but, honestly, a good one for us. Because when the penny dropped, Sarah decided to stop dropping so many pennies: even though the Mercedes was only two years from being paid off, she traded it in for an Opel Corsa.

It costs her around R4000 less each month. As it turns out, she loves it just as much as she loved the Merc. And still not nearly as much as she loves her kids.


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