Remember colour by numbers? That was fun. But, kinda prescriptive, because there was only one way to do it right. If you wanted flexibility, you just wanted the outline without the numbers. Or, if you wanted to get really creative, just the blank piece of paper without the outline. Because then you could draw anything. Or not draw at all and make origami instead.

Well, the more we hear from our customers, the more we realise how 22seven is like the blank piece of paper. Because it means different things to different people, and different people use it in different ways.

For some people, 22seven is the “whoa! I’ve been spending like a tool” tool. What they get from 22seven is the honest (and often shocking) truth of how much they’ve spent on stuff. Often it’s eating out, or clothing, or paying for a gym membership they never use. But sometimes it’s stuff they weren’t even aware of spending. A LOT of customers had no idea how much their bank was actually charging them (Selwyn, for example). For them, 22seven was the “bullsh*t bank fee” buster.

Once people are aware of how much they’re spending, they use 22seven as a “leaky wallet” sealant that helps them plug the holes and get to the end of the month with more money.

For other customers, it’s not so much about being more frugal as it is about being more mindful. 22seven helps them think about what they really want and find a way to afford those things. So it’s the “more money for the things that matter” planner.

Sometimes, it’s simply about convenience – filling in tax returns, for example, is much easier with 22seven. Or it’s about avoiding dreaded spread sheets (since 22seven automatically generates a spending plan for you, it’s the “for people who hate making budgets” budget maker). Or it’s about feeling more empowered and in control – the “how can I help me?” app.

Quite a few of our customers have picked up fraudulent transactions using 22seven. Some use it for their small business. Couples have become more open and honest about their money, and have changed from having separate accounts to joint accounts; or they’ve become more independent and done vice versa.

And that’s really only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In short, it’s the “many things to many people” money thing. We’d love to know what 22seven is to you. So make this post’s day and comment on, or email us and let us know, what 22seven has shown you.


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