Nice, huh? Well, we think so.

It would be wrong not to give designer-decorators Elmi Badenhorst and Tasha Tyler a plug, because they made it happen. And Jac de Villiers, because he took the photos that do their work justice.

It would also be wrong not to say that our offices are pretty for more than just pretty’s sake. There’s a reason they look this way. Which is that we hope our space reflects the way we work, and the work we produce. That’s why it’s:

Playful. We think people do better work when they’re having fun. And that ultimately means a better product for our customers.  

22seven Office


Considered. There’s thought and attention to detail. There’s a love of design and beauty. We try to make that come through in our apps, too.

22seven office


Feelgood. It’s a place that we enjoy being, and that other people would like to be. So it helps us attract some very talented people.

22seven office


Care to come visit in person? Let our lovely office manager know.

22seven office