We all have grownup moments, and generally they don’t feel like a celebration. Grownup moments happen when you order salad, forgo chocolate cake, quit smoking or make a big payment on your home loan instead of getting a sweet new iPhone.

It’s a lot like stopping after the first shot of tequila – you feel like you’re getting old, and you envy those people around you who dive right in. Grownup moments get a bad rap because they’re not joyful and impulsive and they usually don’t lead to rad pictures on your instagram feed – it’s hard to brag about money that you didn’t spend.

But future you? That person is going to BRAG about the grownup moment you’re having right now. Much like sipping your coffee all bright-eyed while your mates wake up with a terrible tequila hangover, grownup moments become bragable AFTER the tough decision.

The iPhone you don’t get today turns into the twice-as-awesome car you can afford in 15-20 years. It’s skipping one marshmallow now, to get two marshmallows later. Grownup moments are deferred swag – they’re about finding some money now and mailing it to your future self. Sometimes the money you send to the future grows along the way. Other times, you’re stamping out the debt and interest costs that would otherwise drain your funds for years to come. Both ways, future you is going to be smiling.

Future you is going to be absolutely obnoxious.

Future you will build a time machine to come back and high-five you today.

Future you is the winner here.

Of course, the problem with grownup decisions is that they can look bad on paper because your cash balance goes down. Which is why you must remember that the sad, reluctant extra home loan payment you make today turns into the bragable MWAHAHAHAHAHA holiday you can take in 10 years. It’s indistinguishable from magic. That’s compound interest for you.

So this is why we’ve made purple money – the Invest-save-repay spending group – for money that may make your bank account sadder and smaller today, but leads to a big, bright, perky bank account in the future. So that you can feel proud *today* about the great decisions you’ve made for tomorrow.

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