In a nutshell: use 22seven to see exactly how much you have to spend for each week of the month.

Put your money into envelopes (seriously)

Back in the day, when actual, physical cash was used a whole lot more, one of the smart things people used to do with their cash was put it into envelopes. They might have had separate envelopes for groceries, fuel, entertainment and so on. Or they might have had envelopes for each week of the month.

This was a way to plan their spending – and to stick to that plan. When the money in the envelope was gone, it was gone. If their week’s money was finished, they either had to take money from another envelope or go hungry.

Well, you can apply the same principle using virtual envelopes.

First, create 5 new categories. You could call them Week 1, week 2, and so on. Then, go to your previous Money Months (ideally the last 3 months) and categorise your expenses into Week 1 (for transactions from the 1st to the 7th), Week 2 (for transactions from the 8th to the 14th), etc., for all 5 weeks. 22seven will automatically work out what you spend on average in each week. Then you can use that to see if you’re on track each week this month.

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And now you have your envelopes. Have fun trying to get them licked (20th century slang for “defeated”).


Photo by: Stephanie Sicore, the perfect first whittling project via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.