Well, looky here! You can invest money through 22seven now.

There are two unit trust funds available – the Old Mutual Core Diversified Fund and the Old Mutual Top 40 Fund. Both can be tax free, as part of the National Treasury’s new legislation to promote savings: you aren’t taxed on the growth of the first R30 000 that you invest each year, so there’s good reason to do it. There are better reasons to do it through 22seven.

One is the accessibility and flexibility. You can put in as little as R350, once off or monthly. (And, although they’re really meant to be long-term investments to help fuel your hopes and dreams, you are able to withdraw money any time, without paying penalties.)

Another is the low cost. The fee on investments through 22seven is also a very low 0.68% (compared with the industry average of 2.3%), so you keep more of your own money to grow, more.

Then there’s the simplicity. We’ve stripped out the process to a degree many thought wasn’t possible. So opening an investment takes just minutes, and it’s 100% online – all at the flick of a finger or click of a mouse on your mobile phone or computer (including FICA documents). No pens or paper, no visits to branches, no queues or delays. We don’t know of anyone or anywhere else that has made investing so straight forward.

There’s another thing that we believe no one else does quite like 22seven. And that is bridging the gap between your present and your future; between what you do with your money today and what you want to do with it in many years’ time.

22seven has always helped customers to find and free up more money day to day and month to month. Offering investments means it can help them, right now, to do the same thing in the future. It makes a big picture even bigger, and adds a different dimension to what you can do with and get out of 22seven.

You can find more about investing through 22seven here, or feel free to email us.

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