A lot of us feel we should spend less, because we know we buy things that we don’t need. The problem is, those things are fun. They make our days nicer and our nights brighter. Sure, we could just buy the bare necessities. But is that really what life’s about? Hell no.

On the other hand, a lot of us also wish we had more money to do more of the things that make our lives meaningful. We just don’t know where to find that money.

Well, you’re in luck. Most of our customers find hundreds – sometimes thousands – extra each month very soon after they sign up. They quickly see where their money’s actually going, and very easily change or cancel things they’re spending money on that they really don’t need or want to be. After all, who wants to spend money on bank fees or insurance? Um, no one we know.

So check out these popular little money nooks and crannies…

BANK FEES: This is probably one of the top three places our customers find to save money. Think you know exactly what you pay each month? Banks have all kinds of little charges, like ATM fees, that add up pretty quickly, often over and above your monthly fee. We’ve had customers who were spending close to R1000 a month on bank fees. Seriously. Also: does that R450 a month Platinum account really give you value, or would Silver work just as well for you?

INSURANCE: There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get competitive quotes. Even every year. Company X might offer you a cheaper premium, or other benefits or bonuses that make it worthwhile. Changing your insurer is a minor inconvenience and can put hundreds extra in your wallet every month.

GYM (OR ANY OTHER) MEMBERSHIP: Ah, the old “I must get into shape” chestnut. If you’re actually going to gym, great. If you’re not, and you honestly don’t think you will, cancel your membership and do something else with that few hundred rand. Invest it. Go to the movies. Buy roller blades. If it’s not gym, maybe it’s another membership or subscription you could stop or downgrade, and not miss much.

CELLPHONES: If you’re on a contract you may have to wait, but you may not need to be on the contract you’re on. You may not need to be on contract at all – often Pay As You Go works out cheaper. And you may still be happy with your phone – that upgrade will probably cost you a few hundred each month for two years.

EATING OUT: If you love food, if you love socialising, go ahead. At the same time, a lot of our customers have big eyes and dropped jaws when they see what they spend on this. And they feel that eating out once or twice a month less won’t detract from their quality of life. If anything, it’ll free up some cash to do other things they thought they couldn’t afford to.

IMPULSE PURCHASES: Impulse happens. At the supermarket. At the mall. At the bar. But sometimes we regret buying that chocolate bar, or imported pair of shoes, or last round of beers. That double whammy of emotional-financial self-loathing… not a good look.

Sometimes one simple change makes a big difference. Sometimes lots of smaller changes make a bigger difference. Usually, doing less of the stuff that doesn’t matter means you can afford to do more of the stuff that does.