Last week I got almost R2000 for doing nothing…

I did all my spending through my Discovery credit card last month, and that’s how much I got back in cashbacks and Discovery miles for one month’s transactions. And I don’t spend an enormous amount. It’s just that I really begrudge the money I have to pay Discovery each month, so I make sure I maximise my rewards they give loyal customers by getting to Diamond status in their Vitality program.

This is the breakdown:
They sent me R724 cashback for buying R3000 healthy food over the month. I have this money diverted into a medical booster account to use when my medical aid savings run out. I could get it sent into my bond, which might be better, but I can access my bond, so the temptation to take it out and splurge it might be too much for me. (I’m weak that way). It also makes me feel safe knowing that there’s always money available for major medical emergencies.

I made another R726 in Discovery Miles, to spend at the Discovery Mall. I’m accumulating these – by the end of the year I’ll hopefully have about R8000 which will take care of the festive season. My goal is to begin January with no debt.
Then there were the partner cash backs. R61 from Nandos for a takeaway, R150 from Clicks, and R300 for petrol – a total of R1961 for doing nothing.

We also saved a packet using partner discounts. We travelled to Joburg by train last month, (sadly no discount on that) and then drove down to Durban. We booked through Discovery and saved 35% on airfares back to Cape Town, (R320) 25% on car hire (R240) and a whopping 50% (R2400) on accommodation at a brilliant B and B. (total savings: R2960) We also saved R361 on our gym membership.

Put it together with the cashbacks and we scored just over R5000 for just one month’s expenditure.

It’s not just Discovery where you can score. A family member pushes all his expenses through his FNB ebucks account. He’s saving his ebucks and will use them on a trip to the Maldives next year. A quick poll of my Facebook friends brought up other impressive examples. One uses her ebucks for petrol – a big saving in a tight budget. One person converted her Investec and Nedbank greenbacks into Forex and used them on an overseas trip. A third earns UCount reward at Pick ‘n Pay (as well as Pick ‘n Pay’s own Smart Shopper points) and had enough UCount rewards by the end of last year to buy herself a new computer.

All it requires is loyalty to a particular bank. Now there’s a great incentive.


Photo by: Becca Peterson, 08/365 Jan 8, 2011 via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.