Here at 22seven, we know that money can be quite the tricksy thing. It tends to leave without much of a goodbye, and when it does visit, it’s usually only for a little while. That’s where we come in.

22seven helps you see all of your money in one place, so you can see what it’s worth (and who it’s leaving you for), hopefully saving you money in the process.

To give you the fullest financial picture possible, we don’t limit things to Rands and cents. There’s also points!

A rewarding outcome.
A number of service providers offer rewards programmes that tie into their products. There are a few reasons for this: they want to keep spend within their network and are rewarding loyalty, they’re collecting data to measure customer behaviour, or are using it as a competitive advantage. The reasons vary, as does the structure for these programmes; some offer discounts, others offer points, others offer ‘cash back’ or a combination of rewards.

With the right programme and spending combination, you could be reunited with some of your money, like Helen.

Looking at the bigger picture.
With so many programmes and intricate rewards structures, keeping track of just how rewarding a rewards programme is can get pretty complicated. To make things a bit easier, you can link all your rewards and loyalty programmes to 22seven, provided that they have a monetary value and an online profile.


When you link an account, we’ll bring through any rewards accounts as well as your points balance. These points are automatically converted into rand value and displayed on your Accounts page.

03_22seven_rewardscard_fnbRewards account card.

If you’re using a rewards programme that offers ‘cash back’ deposited into your account, you can track the cash in Money Month by creating a customised income category called ‘Rewards’. Use it to see how much money you’ve got back every month.



Whether it’s a little bit of extra cash for Christmas, or a way to spend a little less with a little bit of effort, reward programmes can prove rewarding. It could mean actual money in your pocket, if done right. Have you seen savings using a rewards programme? What’s your strategy for getting the most out of it?

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