Some of our friends (and friends’ friends) are up for the challenge. Here’s how they’re doing getting their $ together.


Find out how Leigh van den berg is using 22seven to GY$T.

Read more on the 7 challenges that Candice Lee has selected here.


Making my own coffee with this. Tastes better than some coffee shops. Saving $$ & #gyst

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  #GYST get your shhhh together. How are you saving more? How are you enjoying more of YOUR money? Checkout @ilike_22seven   A photo posted by ShowLove ( on

Deep Fried Man’s first challenge sees him making a gift for his mom’s 60th birthday.

Find out how Rattle and Mum’s Tanya Kovarsky saved R2 176.30 in just 10 days. [But first, you’ll need to know which of the challenges she’s selected.] 

Read Dax’s post on how he’s using the GY$T challenge to help him save for his upcoming trip.

The show’s not over yet! That’s just some of the highlights so far; there’s still time to GY$T. Choose the challenges that work for you, and let us know how much you’ve saved using #GYST.