My 22 days of financial GY$T challenges were coming to an end, and it was time for my second last adventure: Spring clean. Sell stuff you don’t use anymore, or give it away.

My wife was delighted. You know that show, Hoarders? About the insane people who never throw anything away to the point that they have to traverse a tunnel of garbage just to reach the kitchen? But if you tell them you will help them throw the garbage away they’re like, ‘but you can’t throw this stuff away. It’s important to me. That’s the pizza box that once contained the first pizza I ever bought after moving into this place’? I’m nothing like that. My wife, however, is the anti-hoarder. She is so afraid of clutter that she generally throws most things away on the off chance that there may come some time in the future that said thing will no longer be needed.

I, however, do tend to like to keep things around for a while. I’m not a Hoarders level hoarder, but I do exhibit some tendencies, such as putting papers in a pile to be sorted out at a later date (a date that much to my wife’s chagrin never seems to come) and occasionally putting empty milk bottles back in the fridge. Also, I develop a strange emotional attachment to clothing that I no longer wear. I don’t like it enough to wear it, but love it too much to throw it away. It was time to let go – and get rid of whatever unnecessary items of clothing had somehow managed to escape the clutches of the anti-hoarder.

Things that were deemed unworthy of remaining in my cupboard included jeans with holes in them (kept just in case ripped jeans are currently cool or will one day be cool again – I’m not fashionable enough to know), shirts with stains on them (I’m a messy eater so this section created a formidable pile), shoes I haven’t worn for over a year, long johns my wife declared too comical for me to wear (especially if I expect any action) and a number of items of clothing that are either out of style or so bizarre that they couldn’t ever have possibly been in style in the first place.

My wife was delighted. I was a little sad to see some of the stuff go, but determined not to let the little hoarder in my head take over.

The financially proper thing to do may have been to hold a jumble sale, but the philanthropic thing to do is to give it away to the less fortunate, and this seemed like the option to go for since unfortunately South Africa is a country where the less fortunate are never in short supply.

So thanks to 22seven, the guy who carefully rummages through our dustbin once a week had a particularly successful day of salvaging. It’s not often I can perform a task that wins me favour with both my wife and the garbage rummaging guy. I do not know how much these amazing items would have fetched had I sold them, but the expression on his face was priceless.