Mbali Nkosi definitely earns the title “multi-talented”. She’s an MC, dancer, singer/songwriter, presenter, actress and a busy woman in entertainment. She sits in on the first #TibzOnMoney episode hosted by entrepreneur and creator, Tibz.

Tibz kicks things off by focusing on the entertainment industry, where ‘being seen’ is a part of the job.

If making an appearance is in your job description, there’s much less glamour and much more thinking about the costs involved in attending an event. Hair, makeup, and outfits that can’t be worn twice (because people WILL comment). It all adds up. That’s why Mbali recommends taking a moment to weigh up your options so you can be savvy with your approach.

She’s also “a saver, but not a saver”, which makes it easier for her to save with a goal in mind, rather than just for the sake of it.

Mbali ends with a few basic questions to keep in mind when looking at your spending: Is this a necessity? Should I be investing the money instead?

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