We all know it. Lots of little things done repeatedly and consistently add up to big things. That’s how birds build nests, we all get through water-restrictions and endurance athletes are able to finish the Comrades marathon.

It’s also how old habits are broken and new ones are formed (by not doing some things and rather doing other things). There’s a theory that it takes at least 21 days to build a new habit, so we figured just to be safe we’d suggest you try doing something new for 22 days.

Seriously though, have you ever thought about all the coins that pass through your hands and your wallet every day? Even if you haven’t, you just need to be offered the option to up-size your order at that favourite fast-food place to know that they understand the value of your small change.

So, rather than go bigger on your fast-food orders, why not upsize your savings by putting all your small change into a jar for 22 days and seeing how much it comes to at the end.

To help you get started here are some ideas:

1. Pick the right coin container
Ideally it should be big, transparent and have a narrow opening with a lid that allows you to make a coin slot. Easy to put money into, not so easy to get money out of.

2. Place the coin jar somewhere central in your home.
This will ensure that you don’t forget about depositing coins in every day. It may even have the added benefit that, when other family members or friends visit, they also drop their coins in.

3. There must be rules
As soon as you get home, check your pockets and deposit the coins into the jar. Don’t leave coins in your car and when you pay cash don’t use your change, only use notes and obviously… do not take any coins out!

4. Set a goal for the money you save
Give yourself something to work toward, a goal of some sort. Decide upfront what you want to do with the money. Maybe donate it to charity, or use it towards paying for a luxury item that you can just never quite justify dishing money out for.

5. Make it fun!
Saving money can be exciting, so find ways to make it fun. Encourage everyone in your family to add their coins to the jar and place measurements on it with regular viewings to see progress and to keep everyone motivated.

One of the added benefits of saving your coins in a jar is that it puts you back in touch (literally) with the physicality of money, something which is lost in our modern age of electronic transactions, and if you’re doing it with your family it’s a very practical way of seeing how money grows when you put it away.

So get that calendar, mark off 22 days, find a jar and start saving. No doubt, by the end of your savings experiment you will have grown to love the sound of coins dropping into a jar.