July was Savings Month.

How did that go? The Invest-save-repay spending group (or “purple money” to our friends) is for transactions that increase what you have or decrease what you owe. It’s all good for you, and your net value, so we think it all qualifies for Savings Month.

On average, 22seven customers keep 8% of their income for investing, saving or repaying debt.

Notes? Noted.

One of the popular requests we’ve had is for the ability to record more detail about transactions. Well, alrighty then: introducing Notes.

Click or tap any transaction and note away. Add odometer readings to your fuel transactions, remind yourself who you took to lunch for that business meeting, or note anything that floats your boat. Oh, and Notes are fully searchable on our web app.

If you have any questions or requests (even for ‘80s pop songs), ask away.