Help yourself to our new Help Centre

Happily redesigned and humongously resourceful. With hundreds of easily searchable FAQs. Insightful asks, ideas, tips and feedback shared by our Community of customers. And up-to-date Announcements about what’s up (or, when institutions’ sites aren’t working, what’s down).

Help Centre is live on the web now, and will be available on our mobile apps soon. Read more detail about it here. Or just go straight there.

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In other news: you can give each of your linked accounts its own icon. Go to your Accounts page, select an account, then tap or click the icon at the top, and choose from the options that appear. Why not try it now?

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The Svens are your link with 22seven and work together to produce some of the content on our blog when they're not helping people get more out of our awesome apps. Have something to say?
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