We’ve been playing around with some new designs for the Budget screens on our mobile apps. We hope these will make 22seven easier to use and less confusing for customers.

After brainstorming with some 22seveners and inviting a few customers around to our offices for a chat, we think we have an idea of what needs to change. Now, we’d like your feedback on whether we’re hot or cold.

These basic designs are still a work in progress, but we’d really appreciate your comments or ideas. Head on over to our Test Pilot community for a look at our preliminary budget designs.

Don’t forget to use the sign up form below to register for continued sneak peeks at what we’ve been working on. You’ll automatically become a part of our community of Test Pilots, which means you’ll have access to all of the other cool stuff we’re working on before anyone else. Our most active Test Pilots with the most impactful feedback will be invited to our HQ to get even more hands on with our work.


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