We get lots of questions from excited customers wanting to know more about 22seven and how our tech wizardry works. Regardless of whether you’re a new or existing customer, here’re 10 questions that we get asked all the time that’ll give you the lowdown on how 22seven makes magic happen.


Oooh, this looks cool! Wait … why the hell are you asking me for my internet banking details!?

We rely on data from your internet banking profile. That’s where your data is already available for free.

We access your internet banking profile securely and pull your data only from there.

The security of your sensitive personal info is the foundation of our service – everything is kept safe and secure from end to end.

This article on our blog should explain what data we collect and how we do it.


I apparently opened an investment in 5 minutes. Did that really just happen?


No papers, no people, no fuss! It takes mere minutes and we’re immensely proud of that.

We offer tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs) as well, which are great for achieving long-term goals.


Wow, you support a lot of financial service providers. Can I link accounts from international banks?

We support close to 100 different service providers (and we’re constantly adding more). Unfortunately, we can only link accounts from South African service providers.

If we could, we’d support as many banks as possible, from every corner of the globe. We can only dream for now…


I asked a question and got a response from ‘the Svens’ almost immediately. Are you actually bots?

*beep boop* Of course not.

We’re real people, dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience. You can expect world-class customer service from the Svens – it’s just how we roll.


If 22seven is free, does that mean you are sneakily selling my personal data?

Absolutely not. I cannot stress this enough – your data is yours and will remain so until the heat death of the universe.

Feel free to check our privacy policy. You and your data are protected at all times. You won’t get spammed and your data won’t be sold to 3rd parties.

Not even our parent company, Old Mutual, has access to your information.


Everything looks colourful, but complicated. How should I categorise my transactions?

22seven’s categorisation system is designed to be flexible. With our spending groups and categories, you can set up your budget the way you want.

You can even create your own categories if you don’t want to use the ones we provide, but we recommend using the default categories. They’re directly linked to our Nudge engine, so that we can provide you with useful insights into your spending.

This article on our blog explains our categorisation system in greater detail.


My spending and income seem inaccurate. How do you handle inter-account transfers in the app?

When linking your accounts, we’ll automatically import the most recent 3 months’ worth of transactions. We’ll assume that all debits are expenses and all credits are income.

Initially, your budget information may be inaccurate because we may not be able to tell which transactions are actually inter-account transfers (i.e. transfers between your linked accounts).

We urge you to make sure any inter-account transfers have their spending group changed to Transfer (the grey one).

Transfers are immediately removed from your budget and Nudges. They’re neither expenses nor income.


I need to get my life in order. Can you give me some financial advice?

We wish that we could, but no.

We’re not licensed financial advisors or planners, so we can’t legally give you financial advice.

However, 22seven will make it easier to put financial advice into practice.

We can point you in the right direction to existing information and services. Our blog and Nudges might help too, but any advice given is general in nature.

If you’re looking for professional advice, Old Mutual is a good place to start.


I want to show 22seven some love. Is there a physical branch I can visit?

22seven’s an entirely online service. We’ve no physical branches that you can visit. Welcome to the future!

Feel free to visit us though if you are ever in the Cape Town CBD. We’re always happy to have visitors. You can try our great coffee and check out our awesome working space.

If you’d like to show us some love, glowing compliments, snappy jokes, and muffin baskets would be nice.


22seven is the best thing since sliced bread. Why isn’t everyone using it?

Good question. I don’t know, but everyone should.