Our careers and making money are interwoven. Before we can think of saving, spending and investing, we need to make money. Passive income is great but to have a large enough source of passive income, we often need to have an active job. Finding a job is difficult and, sadly, the increase in unemployment has led to more people searching for jobs. 

If you are out of touch with applying for jobs or are needing to improve the way in which you market yourself, these tips can give you that competitive edge.      

Networking is key

The saying goes “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and this is true for those who take advantage of the fact. With HR departments receiving a large volume of job applications, making sure your CV stands out is vitally important. 

Recruiters will look  to establish whether or not you fit in with the company’s culture as well as if you have attitudes and views which are in line with that of the business. One way to give them an indication of this is to have a referral from a friend, family member or former colleague.

This will help you get your “foot in the door”. A referral from an existing employee can help to push your application directly in front of the hiring manager. These individuals can vouch for which skills and characteristics should be displayed and help you to prepare better for an interview with their inside knowledge. 

Update your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to take advantage of the power of networking. You can observe what others are studying or learning and gain perspective on the different ways to achieve your career goals. 

Keeping your profile up to date with all accomplishments can bring your Linkedin profile to the attention of recruiters who are looking to hire in your industry. 

The digital age

These days, most companies have an electronic application process which eliminates the need for hard copies of your CV and other supporting documents. However, having a pre-written resume can aid you in filling out these online forms, especially if you are completing them multiple times for different companies. 

Also, with many companies requiring different skills and traits, you can pull information from your pre-written resume which is aligned to the position that you’re applying for. Each job is different, and showing that you took the time to emphasize skills and experiences that are required, will help you. Don’t just cast a “wide net” resume at different companies.  

A pre-written resume also ensures that you don’t forget anything important that could get you the job. So, don’t see a pre-written resume as redundant in this digital age. 

The job market is competitive and landing your dream job isn’t easy, but these, can significantly increase your chances of being hired. 

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