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Adam is a dedicated Sven and keen observer of the human condition. In his spare time, you may find him juggling in a park or dabbling in a bit of pro-ginger activism (most likely in a spot with ample shade). One day, he hopes to find the remaining 5 Dragon Balls or, at the very least, have a sandwich named after him.
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Data security & privacy
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Security, privacy, and your peace of mind

22seven is an automated assistive technology that uses secure HTML data-aggregation technology to gather account information from different sources. What does this mean in plain English though, especially when it comes to security and privacy?  22seven securely gathers account information directly from internet banking websites. We do this by partnering with an international security and data-aggregation company with a… Read more →

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Better budgeting for beginners: Part 2

There’re many different budgeting methods out there. Which one you choose to use depends entirely on your particular financial needs and goals. There really is no ‘best’ way to budget, but our goal at 22seven is to help you budget better and take back control of your money. Some people like the idea of spreadsheets, graphs,… Read more →

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Better budgeting for beginners: Part 1

So, you’ve signed up to 22seven, linked your accounts, and have your most recent transactions neatly categorised in the app. Now what? Well, now would be a good time to look at your spending habits and create a more refined budget that you can use to achieve your financial goals. We’ll show you some clear and easy steps you… Read more →

out of sight, out of mind
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When the future’s out of sight, saving for it is out of mind.

For 20somethings, the future is far away – chronologically and psychologically. But there are a few tricks that help make it more tangible, and saving more urgent.