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Georgina Guedes is a writer, editor and content producer with a passion for reading, eating and travel. She has learnt a lot in her journey as a personal finance writer, and even manages to put some of it into practice! She lives in Johannesburg with her husband, two children, two dogs a cat and a white picket fence. You can follow @georginaguedes on Twitter.
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dig your way out of december
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Dig your way out of December debt

Your holiday debt isn’t just going to go away – you need a strategy. Georgina Guedes outlines some of the most effective ways to spring yourself from the debt trap.

Atheist Christmas
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Atheists at Christmas – what are we thinking?

If you are not religious and still celebrate Christmas, spending all that money on gifts can feel a little hollow. Georgina Guedes tries to make her peace with the whole consumerist mess.

All Babies Need Is Love And Insurance
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All babies need is love and life insurance

When a baby is born, its parents are overwhelmed with a sense of joy and responsibility. And your financial priorities shift. For Georgina Guedes, this meant fewer clothes and magazines, and more Babybel cheeses and life insurance.

No Fun Shopping
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Save money by shopping where it’s no fun

If you want to save money, Georgina Guedes has worked out that you need to stop going to places that make you want to spend it – especially when you’re buying groceries.

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The miracle of replacing ambition with contentment

When she was 25, Georgina Guedes bought a house. She almost sold it eight years later, and then realised she was making a terrible mistake.

The Best Thing to Spend Money On
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The best thing to spend your money on is… travel!

They say you should buy experiences rather than things. And travel is the experience that you’ll gain the most from, Georgina Guedes says, so that’s how you should spend your money – as long as you have it.

Five ways to live richly now, while saving for your future
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Five ways to live richly now, while saving for your future

Saving isn’t fun. But life can be, even when you’re saving. Georgina Guedes has a pretty decent bash at solving South Africa’s savings problem in five easy steps.

Seeking a work-life balance can upset your equilibrium
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Balance shmalance

Success and happiness isn’t about doing MORE of EVERYTHING. It’s about focusing on the things that are important and letting go of the rest, says Georgina Guedes.

Georgina Guedes - How I learnt to throw away shopping lists and saved R2000 a month
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How I learnt to throw away shopping lists and saved R2000 a month

“Make a shopping list and shop once a week” is an oft-repeated tip for containing expenses. But what do you do if your grocery bill is still sky high?

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When private education isn’t the best thing for your family.

When faced with the decision (and cost) of where to send her child to school, guest writer Georgina Guedes realised that the best education isn’t the only factor worth considering.