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Jade is a freelance content writer, director and strategist. She’ll even wash your car if you pay her enough. When she’s not writing rancorous, R-rated blog rants, she’s most likely to be found pinning calorific cake recipes on Pinterest, cussing at her laptop, or fantasising about being able to punch people through the Internet. Learn more about not-so-passive aggression, and honing your moaning on her blog: jademitchellwriting

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The Best Advice I Ever Got from Financial Folks

If guest writer Jade Mitchell learnt one thing from people who know money, it’s that money isn’t about what’s in your wallet – it’s about what’s in your head.

Taming Takeaways by Jade Mitchell
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How 22seven helped me tame the takeaways.

Jade Mitchell didn’t consider herself the kind of person who’d find much value in a money management app. Until she started using a money management app.

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#startover series: Feeling Flush – How I learnt to manage a monthly budget with an up-and-down income.

Guest writer Jade Mitchell shares her experience on giving up the 8-5, becoming a fulltime Internet nomad, wearing pajama pants all day and the financial perils of being a freelancer.