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Kate is a freelance marketing & communications consultant. She also dabbles in change management. By day she helps brands speak human to humans. By night she takes care of her small boy child and lurks about on 'the interwebs'. A lot. She has a mixed bag of interesting skills, gathered in a career featuring stints as a cat-herder, fish farmer, assistant zoo keeper and executive P.A. to a mad Frenchman. Find her at

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Crowd sourcing your mastery of money

Kate Wolters points out some pros (and cons) in wwwing the heck out of money stuff to see what others say and do.

Retirement heebie jeebies
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Retirement heebie jeebies

Kate Wolters didn’t start planning for it early enough (who does?), but she hasn’t left it too late, either.

What's the value of what you value
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What’s the real value of what you value?

Marketers are adept at getting us to spend more than we could. Kate Wolters has some practical ideas on how to resist their seductions.

I don't want your money, honey.
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I don’t want your money, honey

Kate Wolters asks if love, and Valentine’s Day, really has to be about buying stuff, and offers a few alternatives.

January Blues
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I got them January blues

Kate Wolters shares some ideas on how to survive the (financially) longest month of the year.

Woman, Know Thy Money Self
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Woman, know thy money self

In a world according to Kate Wolters, every woman should be financially independent.

7 practical ways to save this Christmas
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Take the “Ka-ching” out of Christmas

Kate Wolters has seven genuinely practical and effective ways to spend less money without making less of Christmas.

I can't help you if you don't know what you spend
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“I can’t help you if you don’t know what you spend.”

For Kate Wolters, when it came to knowing were her money went, ignorance was bliss. But, older and wiser and more enlightened, knowledge is nirvana.

How I dug myself out of debt
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How I dug myself out – and stay out – of debt (mostly)

Guest writer Kate Wolters spent her 20s getting into debt and much of her 30s getting out. Here are some of the lessons she learnt.