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Marnia has joined the 22seven team as a Slice and Blog writer. She’s currently gaining exposure to financial reporting and forecasting at De Beers Group, as well as pursuing the CFA designation. She has a passion for the ever-changing and hyper-competitive world of business. Continuous improvement and endless development are what interest her on a daily basis. Her love for running and the outdoors keeps growing, as nature is always constant and honest, so it is there where she finds her peace.
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Buying A Home Right Now 🏠

While many industries are starting to show signs of the effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there are some instances where consumers can take advantage of the situation – one of those is the housing market in South Africa. The supply in the housing market had already exceeded demand before the pandemic. The strong buyers’ market… Read more β†’

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Flying Not So High πŸ›«

Amidst a halt on flights for almost two months due to the nationwide lockdown, SA’s fragile aviation industry is now on the long road to recovery after seeing revenue fall close to zero while they continued spending money on maintenance, repaying debt and staff salaries. After the great recession of 2008, the airline industry took five… Read more β†’

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Moving Overseas During A Pandemic ✈️

When a pandemic wreaks havoc across financial markets, investors tend to be overwhelmed by anxiety and uncertainty about the future of the global economy.

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Why Do We Always Choose Gold? πŸ…

For decades, gold has been regarded as a safe haven for investors in times of crisis and uncertainty. The coronavirus pandemic is no exception.