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Max has joined the 22seven team as a Slice and Blog writer. He has experience in start-ups and the corporate world alike, where he's currently employed in the finance industry. He's a strong believer in improving financial literacy amongst South Africans. You can catch him in the gym, exploring Cape Town's food scene or watching sports in his free time.
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The Best Debt Repayment Strategies 💳

Debt: the four-letter word which can haunt you or make you feel free. Whatever it makes you feel like, just know that you have the power to control it.  Regardless of the task at hand, every good plan always starts with a good strategy. Today, we will introduce three different strategies to help you reduce… Read more →

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Printing Money to Save SA? 🖨

Government’s debt has been increasing each year since 2008. The reason boils down to two simple concepts that everyone is familiar with: spending too much, earning too little or a combination of the two. The current pandemic looks set to worsen our levels of debt. A country’s debt is typically measured as a percentage of… Read more →

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What’s The Rand Doing?

The South African Rand has taken a hit in the past few weeks as a result of many factors including the Coronavirus, rating agency downgrades and a poor economic outlook.