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Nobhongo is a freelance writer and cook. Before being published, her imaginings remained pencil on the pages of a journal given to her while still in high school. She enjoys writing about people, especially artists; the things that intrigue and compel them to create. She hosts a monthly food club, Third Culture Experiment, where she offers Capetonians a chance to meet, eat, and connect over conversation and a three-course meal.
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Money Lessons We Learn From Folks
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Money lessons we learn from our folks

We learn money lessons from our parents – whether they know they’re teaching us or not. Nobhongo Gxolo looks at some of the lessons we learn, and how we learn them.

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Stokvels aren’t just about the money

They’re a massive economic force, but their benefits are also emotional. Nobhongo Gxolo writes about the kinds of stokvels that exist, and the non-financial reasons people belong to them.