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Ross has joined the 22seven team as a Slice and Blog writer. He's a keen financial writer who enjoys demystifying the world of finance. Ross is currently pursuing the CFA designation and has a background in Real Estate finance and investment. In his spare time, he can usually be found reading, running or on the football field.
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Do-It-Yourself Investing

Investing your own money is important if you want to build your wealth. Investing enables you to generate future returns which can help you save for retirement or meet long-term goals. Of course, you have the potential to lose your money in investments but if you invest wisely, the potential to gain money is higher… Read more →

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Avoiding Common Money Mistakes ❌

Self-help financial books often focus on selling the feeling of financial success, but the feeling of financial success doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve actually achieved financial success. You might want to live comfortably, own a yacht and a sports car, or you might want to be the richest person in the world. At the end… Read more →

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Retirement: Not Just a Number

We go to school until matric, some carry on studying further until their mid-twenties, work or start our own businesses afterwards and retire somewhere between 60 and 65 years old. Although life isn’t as bland or simple as this, eventually, everyone retires.  Retirement can be an exciting and happy stage of one’s life. However, it’s… Read more →

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Landing your dream job

Our careers and making money are interwoven. Before we can think of saving, spending and investing, we need to make money. Passive income is great but to have a large enough source of passive income, we often need to have an active job. Finding a job is difficult and, sadly, the increase in unemployment has… Read more →

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Claiming Tax Deductions While Working From Home 🏡

With the “new” normal quickly becoming just normal, working temporarily or permanently from home is starting to become a reality. If you’ve made the transition, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to claim any tax deductions for any work from home-related expenses.  Are you an employee?Running your own business as a sole proprietor,… Read more →

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Saving money with limited sacrifices

When exploring ways to save or earn a little more money becomes more work than it’s worth, it’s time to re-evaluate your thinking. Saving money should be simple and when it’s not, we don’t often follow through. That’s why we’ve put together a few of the easiest ways to save, starting right now. These tips… Read more →

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Money saving hacks

Everybody wants to save money, but actually saving money is difficult. It’s natural to feel like saving money is a sacrifice, as we are deferring present spending for use in an uncertain future. Struggling to actively make changes to your spending habits will often leave you frustrated.  However, by not saving you are constantly having… Read more →

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Good As Used 🚙

If you were considering buying a car before lockdown and you still have the ability to do so, now would be a good time to do so. The used car market has experienced large price declines as a result of the lower demand caused by the lockdown. Vehicle financing is also looking cheaper with our repo… Read more →

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Exposing the secrets to becoming wealthy

Many of us dream about being wealthy. It feels great but this feeling often fades before we’ve even gotten out of bed. Maybe someday you’ll think of the next great business idea which could turn you into the next self-made millionaire. However, building wealth isn’t about putting your hopes into “someday”. Neither does it require as… Read more →