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Ross has joined the 22seven team as a Slice and Blog writer. He's a keen financial writer who enjoys demystifying the world of finance. Ross is currently pursuing the CFA designation and has a background in Real Estate finance and investment. In his spare time, he can usually be found reading, running or on the football field.
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Identifying Good Money Habits 🏅

For most of us, having excess money to invest and save at the end of the month seems nearly impossible. Being told to be frugal and trying to not spend money on things we want is easier said than done. With money being perceived as limiting and associated with what we “CAN’T” do rather than… Read more →

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Surviving Lockdown Series Part 1: Financial ignorance isn’t bliss

Regardless of how much money we accumulate, most of our financial decisions are influenced by emotions or impulse. Financial decisions are often the last thing we want to think about due to our busy daily schedules and the perceived complexities around the topic. Even when we do manage to be diligent, there will be times… Read more →

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Winter is coming… for your money

With winter arriving, it’s important to not leave your finances out in the cold. Utilities, mainly comprising water and electricity, make up a significant portion of many South African’s budgets.

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The Greatest Investment Ever 🥇

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors in the world and has personally amassed over $80 billion during his successful career. He was once asked what he thinks the greatest investment was and his answer surprised many people.

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What’s safer than keeping money in the bank?

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has recently given heavily indebted South Africans some breathing room. If you were drowning in debt, you would be applauding the interest rate cuts that have taken place over the last couple of weeks.

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Cybercrime and fraud are on the rise

The global pandemic has resulted in the increased need for access to the internet. But cybercrimes pose a significant risk to our financial wellbeing as they grow in sophistication.

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Broken Traffic Lights 🚦

Let’s imagine you’re at a busy traffic intersection, patiently waiting for the light to turn green.

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Five trends threatening the global economy

Covid-19 is causing a detrimental effect on health systems and economies around the world. However, there are other global risks which haven’t been given as much exposure with Covid-19 dominating global news headlines recently.

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Open Banking – How you will benefit from it

As discussed in our Slice newsletter this week, Open Banking is the term used to describe the sharing of your financial data through electronic and secure means with third parties (like 22seven) of whom you have approved.

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How Open Banking Can Change Your Life  📂

Open Banking involves the consensual sharing of your financial data to third parties, in a secure manner, in an effort to help improve your financial situation. South Africans would benefit immensely from a similar regulatory environment that currently exists in places like the UK.