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Sasha has two great passions. Unfortunately he is a useless cricketer, which is why you're reading this.
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Money You'll Never Have
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“The most money you’ll ever have”

Sasha Sanders ponders how earning more doesn’t necessarily feel like having more.

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Here’s why I’m not down that my investment is

When the stock market has weeks like it did last week, it’s tempting to panic. Sasha Sanders shares some reasons why he chose not to.

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#startover series: Do we get better with money as we get older?

It seems that most of us do, and there’s lots that we gain from that. But in one way we also get worse, so we lose something, too.

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#startover series: How I boldly go where I had never gone before with my money.

No one likes to go back to the drawing board. Fortunately, improving our relationship with money, like most relationships, isn’t about changing one big thing. It’s about doing a few small things better. These are some of my favourite startovers.

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Tripping up on tipping.

There’s a big black hole in our brains when it comes to who we should tip, and how much. But there’s a bigger hole when it comes to why.

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No money, no cry – part 2.

Could we live without money at all? Yes, according to some, and we probably should: we’d be better off.

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Doing more of what matters most. (Or: how I learned to stop spending more on my car than on my kids.)

22seven’s purpose doesn’t end at showing you your money in new ways. That’s only the start. Really, it’s about finding more money for the things that are really important to you (and spending less on what isn’t). As this story demonstrates.

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Money is a lot like food.

And spending is a lot like eating. A lot of us feel lousy when we spend/eat too much. Then again, sometimes we’re really pleased about what we spend/eat. Here are two ways you can feel less bad and more glad about what leaves your wallet/enters your stomach.

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The difference between being richer and living more richly.

I’d love to be richer. Who wouldn’t? Just think of what we could do with more money. Travel. Buy a beach house. Start a business. Stop working altogether. This dream is the reason I buy lottery tickets. I mean someone has to win the jackpot, right? My problem with buying lottery tickets was that the… Read more →