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If you want to read more of what comes out of Susan’s self-confessed “big mouth when I write”, then pop over to her awesome discopantsblog where she has some more opinions on everything from food and coffee to parenting and relationships, and a bunch of stuff in between.
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Money and culture
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The Culture of Money

In South Africa, being loaded is, well, loaded. But in other countries, with different histories and backgrounds, wealth is seen quite differently, as Susan Hayden experienced.

Mothers and Money by Susan Hayden
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Mothers and Money.

It’s Mothers’ Day on Sunday, which got us to thinking: what did our moms teach us about money? And what do our kids learn about it from us? Guest writer Susan Hayden has some honest answers.

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#startover series: Hello, money, my name is Susan.

In her 20s, Susan Hayden’s approach to her bank balance was: ignorance is bliss. Unfamiliarity, however, ultimately bred contempt. So, now in her 40s, she’s started making friends with her finances.

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On putting the merry back into Christmas.

Despite her best intentions of making it the season to be jolly crafty and homey and stress-free, guest blogger Susan Hayden inevitably ends up with too little time, and spending too much money. Sound familiar?

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Pocket money ponderings: 2 posts on teaching kids about money.

What do you want your kids to start learning about money? And how do you help them? Guest blogger Susan Hayden shares her experiences as a daughter and mom, while 22seven’s Taryn Bain digs up some conventional and unconventional wisdom.