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TaxTips from TaxTim
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TaxTips from TaxTim.

Since tax season has just started and all, we thought we’d give you some handy help and hints. So we called on our friend TaxTim. TaxTim is a not an actual human. He’s a digital tax assistant who was developed by actual humans. Actual humans who really know tax stuff. TaxTim has cute square glasses… Read more →

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‘Tis the season to be taxly.

So tax season starts on 1 July. It lasts for around five months, which is quite a long season. More like two seasons, really, since it traverses winter and spring, and by the time it ends we’ll all be in T-shirts again. Hopefully new ones that we bought with refunds we got from SARS. Of… Read more →

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Superheroes save people, but Will Mason saves R800 a month.

Will Mason is not a superhero. He’s also not a Nobel laureate in economics or double black belt in financial ju-jitsu. He’s a regular guy who happens to be R800 richer each month than he might have been.

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Ah yes, payday. The seduction of fresh cash, good times and superstar guest appearances in your music videos. Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues have perfectly captured the end of month scenario in their new song PAYDAY featuring Jack Parow & The Kiffnes. Here at 22seven we see this kind of thing all the time. Not pretty. But we think we can help.

We made a movie | 22seven
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We made a movie.

A short one. It’s about the silly things we humans do with our money. And the best things we do with our money. And how, sometimes, they’re the same thing.

22seven for Android
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22seven for Android™ has landed.

Ta-daa! Our Android app is available. You can download it right now on Google Play™ and take it with you anywhere, any time. For instance: At the supermarket, use the app to check how much you have left to spend on groceries for the month. On the bus or in a queue, see how you’ve… Read more →

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Showing that interest rate who’s boss.

What goes down must come up and with a new base interest rate in South Africa we’ll be paying more for loans and credit. It doesn’t have to be bad news, however. 22seven has a strategy for doing battle with fierce rates and understanding what it means to you.

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How much (or little) do you spend on what matters to you?

Decisions get tricky when we’re comparing short term benefit to long term rewards. 22seven has gathered anonymous data on what people spend where and when – the results are interesting, to say the least…

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Investing in memories.

Having stuff is cool, but psychologists say experiencing new things is the key to happiness. When you hit the road, think of what you want to spend your money doing instead of what you want to buy. The best holidays are usually the ones where shopping takes a backseat.

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The debt target.

What is the best thing to do with extra money? Should you dive straight into investment products or first settle your debts? Is all debt bad debt? You might be taking one step forward and two back if interest on your debts is greater than what you would earn from investing…