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Investing in memories.

Having stuff is cool, but psychologists say experiencing new things is the key to happiness. When you hit the road, think of what you want to spend your money doing instead of what you want to buy. The best holidays are usually the ones where shopping takes a backseat.

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The debt target.

What is the best thing to do with extra money? Should you dive straight into investment products or first settle your debts? Is all debt bad debt? You might be taking one step forward and two back if interest on your debts is greater than what you would earn from investing…

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Does your language affect your ability to save?

In this TED talk linguist Keith Chen explores how language affects our ability to save. One of his findings is that different languages encourage varying ways of thinking about time. For example, languages without a concept for the future, where speakers would say “It rain tomorrow” instead of “It will rain tomorrow” correlate strongly with high savings rates…

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Nothing ventured.

People hate to lose more than they love to win. This seems fairly obvious once you think about it, but has a huge impact in terms of how we plan for the future and make decisions with our money.

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Out of sight.

The world makes it easy for us to swipe and forget. To focus impulsively on what we want now while losing sight of what it would really mean to the rest of our lives. ‘Money blindness’ is a term used by gamblers to describe how the value of money varies in our perception based on the situation we find ourselves in. We subconsciously turn a blind eye on our spending, but there is a very effective way to tackle this…

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The big money mistake with Dan Ariely.

Money is difficult to think about because we are wired for short-term benefit and have difficulty understanding the opportunity cost of money. 22seven worked with behavioural scientist Dan Ariely to better understand these challenges. In this video shot for ‘Big Think’ Dan discusses ways to change our thinking about money…

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Small starts to big things.

Keeping track of exactly how much you spend on things can be tricky. When 22seven user Selwyn took a closer look he saw just how much he spent on bank charges and could then make an informed decision to change banks – a simple action that freed up money he can now use to save for a pilot’s license or put towards home repairs. The first step is seeing clearly…

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From now and then to here and now.

Budgeting requires a lot of effort and doesn’t save us from bad decisions in the moment. Ross faced this problem but found the solution with 22seven. Now he can focus on saving money by making the right decisions when it matters. Smart.

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Seeing things differently.

22seven is all about seeing things differently – whether your money, behaviour or how to make your dreams come true. It was this central idea that inspired our new look and feel and the new logo you’ll find on our site and in our apps. We also like to think it’s more than just a… Read more →