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Winter is coming… for your money

With winter arriving, it’s important to not leave your finances out in the cold. Utilities, mainly comprising water and electricity, make up a significant portion of many South African’s budgets.

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Why Do We Always Choose Gold? 🏅

For decades, gold has been regarded as a safe haven for investors in times of crisis and uncertainty. The coronavirus pandemic is no exception.

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Simple Rules for Generating Wealth

Today’s guest blog post comes from Stealthy Wealth.

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Don’t Obsess Over Your Investments

Today’s post comes from Hendrik Brand. Hendrik blogs about personal finance and financial independence at Tigers on a Golden Leash.

Budgeting Made Easy
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The B Word

Budget first. People are always posting on social media that they don’t have any money left over to save or invest at the end of each month. The thing is, many of them haven’t taken the time to draw up a budget. So let me point out the obvious: It’s not possible to know with… Read more →

My Financial Journey: Kay Carmichael
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My Money Journey: Kay Carmichael

My story I’m Kay and I’m a freelance storyboard artist living in Cape Town. This is the story of my money-journey. I come from a formerly well-off family that gave me a lot of advantages in life: paid-for studies, my first car, private school education. Things went south with our finances before I left home,… Read more →

Data Prices in South Africa
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Comparing Data Prices in South Africa

Mobile data in South Africa is expensive. Very expensive. In this post, we compare the prices of one-off mobile data bundles from Vodacom, Cell C, MTN, Telkom and Rain. We also compare the reliability of the different networks — cheap data isn’t very useful if there’s no coverage.

Is Bitcoin Taxed in South Africa?
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Tax season: Is Bitcoin Taxed in South Africa?

With the 2019 Tax Season well underway, we take a look at the tax implications of trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Note that the following applies to all cryptocurrencies and not just Bitcoin.

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Key Findings from Old Mutual’s Savings & Investment Monitor 2019

Old Mutual published the results of its annual Savings & Investment Monitor survey last week. The report, first published in 2009, investigates the savings and investment habits of South Africans living in metropolitan areas. The results are based on face-to-face interviews with more than 1,000 households and are considered to be a good barometer for… Read more →

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5 resources to help you master personal finance

Learning about money and personal finance can make all the difference to the success of your financial plans. Fortunately, you don’t need to get a degree in financial planning to become a master of personal finance.