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Data security & privacy
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Security, privacy, and your peace of mind

22seven is an automated assistive technology that uses secure HTML data-aggregation technology to gather account information from different sources. What does this mean in plain English though, especially when it comes to security and privacy? 

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Better budgeting for beginners: Part 2

There’re many different budgeting methods out there. Which one you choose to use depends entirely on your particular financial needs and goals. There really is no ‘best’ way to budget, but our goal at 22seven is to help you budget better.

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Better budgeting for beginners: Part 1

So, you’ve signed up to 22seven, linked your accounts, and have your most recent transactions neatly categorised in the app. Now what? Well, now would be a good time to start budgeting. 

22seven and taxtim
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How to use 22seven to rock your tax return

A few tips to help make 22seven tax friendly.

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Give your Money a Turboboost

The svens relate a story from a colleague.

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Decellerate your mobile costs

Contract, or pre-paid? If you’re using a mobile phone, there is more to consider than just what you’re paying.

Paying tax: Do I need to pay tax?
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Do I need to pay tax?

Do you need to pay tax? Sometimes, no. SARS has recently communicated that if you earn less than R350,000 in a year, and fulfil a series of complicated criteria, you may not have to file a tax return in 2016. If you earned under R350 000 before tax in a full year from one employer and have… Read more →

Tax registration. How to get a tax number: A step-by-step guide
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How to get a tax number

Either you or your employer would have registered you and you would have been issued with a 10-digit tax reference number from SARS. If you have not registered then the process is easy: 1. Simply click here to download the IT77 form, print it out and follow these easy steps to completing it. 2. You… Read more →

Tax refund, rebates and returns explained
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Returns, rebates and refunds explained

Most taxpayers just want to do their tax quickly and easily, and if they’re due – receive some money back from SARS. A lot of confusion surrounds the process, but by understanding three common terms can make tax season a little bit easier. Return, rebate and refund are the most commonly misunderstood words when it… Read more →

coin jar
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Using a coin jar to make a small change

The value in making small changes to increase savings.