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Data security & privacy
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Security, privacy, and your peace of mind

22seven is an automated assistive technology that uses secure HTML data-aggregation technology to gather account information from different sources. What does this mean in plain English though, especially when it comes to security and privacy? 

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Who says you can’t get good help these days?

Help yourself to our new Help Centre

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Note your savings. Save your notes.

July was Savings Month. How did that go? The Invest-save-repay spending group (or “purple money” to our friends) is for transactions that increase what you have or decrease what you owe. It’s all good for you, and your net value, so we think it all qualifies for Savings Month. On average, 22seven customers keep 8%… Read more →

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Sort your stuff out

Put your accounts in their place We’re all about helping you sort your money stuff out. That includes arranging (and, if you’re inclined, rearranging) your linked accounts as you like, which you can now do just by dragging them. Do it on mobile, and it’ll automatically be saved on the web (or vice versa). Now… Read more →

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Same same. But better.

A short while ago, we let everyone know that things behind the scenes were a little different, but that 22seven was the same. Now it’s time to say that we’ve been working to actually make it better. Our focus over the last few weeks has been on making some of the tweaks and improvements you’ve been asking… Read more →

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Give your Money a Turboboost

The svens relate a story from a colleague.

Turning Money No-Nos into Money Know-Knows
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The Power of Nudges: Turning Money No-Nos into Money Know-Knows

How decision-making fallacies lead to poor money choices.

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The Spendometer: boldly go where you’ve never gone before.

22seven’s new feature helps you navigate your Money Month, taking the right turns (spending better) at the right time (now).

Investment at 22seven
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Growing your money smarter, easier.

Say. Did you know that you can invest money through 22seven? And did you know there’s a bunch of reasons why you might want to do it here rather than, well, anywhere else? No? Well then, read on…

#44 of 101 uses for 22seven
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#44 of 101 uses for 22seven.

PUT YOUR MONEY INTO ENVELOPES (SERIOUSLY). Allocating specific amounts to each week or category used to be a good way for people to stop themselves from overspending. And starving. Here’s the 21st century version.