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Reduce your category count
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#76 of 101 uses for 22seven.

REDUCE YOUR CATEGORY COUNT. To see how fat your spending really is on some things, you might try putting your categories on diet. Here’s how.

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#17 of 101 uses for 22seven.

HAPPINESS IS A WARM BUN. You can use 22seven to see how much of your money you’re spending on things that make you happy (and on things that make you sad). Here’s how.

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Bucks to the future: purple money, grownup moments and high fiving yourself in 20 years.

22seven has a new spending group: Invest-save-repay. Here’s the method behind the sanity. And how it can help you turn one marshmallow into two.

How to use 22seven
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Different people use 22seven for different things.

22seven isn’t all things to all people, but it is lots of things to lots of people. Here are some of the ways to use 22seven that you may not have thought of.

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This is where we work.

We’re told we have awesome offices. Here’s what they look like.

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Doing more of what matters most. (Or: how I learned to stop spending more on my car than on my kids.)

22seven’s purpose doesn’t end at showing you your money in new ways. That’s only the start. Really, it’s about finding more money for the things that are really important to you (and spending less on what isn’t). As this story demonstrates.

Home Sweet Home
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House hunting can be less scary.

Guest author, Chris Metcalfe, shares his experience and the thought processes behind the decision to buy that first house. How do you find out if that counter offer is really within the budget? And some of the many questions that potential first-time homeowners face.

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An insider Q&A with 2 Os who built our iPhone app version 2.0.

22seven 2.0 for iPhone has just been released. To find out what’s new about it and what went into making it, we asked our designer Zubeir (Z) and developer Chris “T” Rex some serious and some not very serious questions about their excellent adventure. Is it true that you’re known as Bill & Ted? Z:… Read more →

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‘Tis the season to be taxly.

So tax season starts on 1 July. It lasts for around five months, which is quite a long season. More like two seasons, really, since it traverses winter and spring, and by the time it ends we’ll all be in T-shirts again. Hopefully new ones that we bought with refunds we got from SARS. Of… Read more →

We made a movie | 22seven
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We made a movie.

A short one. It’s about the silly things we humans do with our money. And the best things we do with our money. And how, sometimes, they’re the same thing.