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This is where we work.

We’re told we have awesome offices. Here’s what they look like.

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Doing more of what matters most. (Or: how I learned to stop spending more on my car than on my kids.)

22seven’s purpose doesn’t end at showing you your money in new ways. That’s only the start. Really, it’s about finding more money for the things that are really important to you (and spending less on what isn’t). As this story demonstrates.

Home Sweet Home
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House hunting can be less scary.

Guest author, Chris Metcalfe, shares his experience and the thought processes behind the decision to buy that first house. How do you find out if that counter offer is really within the budget? And some of the many questions that potential first-time homeowners face.

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An insider Q&A with 2 Os who built our iPhone app version 2.0.

22seven 2.0 for iPhone has just been released. To find out what’s new about it and what went into making it, we asked our designer Zubeir (Z) and developer Chris “T” Rex some serious and some not very serious questions about their excellent adventure. Is it true that you’re known as Bill & Ted? Z:… Read more →

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‘Tis the season to be taxly.

So tax season starts on 1 July. It lasts for around five months, which is quite a long season. More like two seasons, really, since it traverses winter and spring, and by the time it ends we’ll all be in T-shirts again. Hopefully new ones that we bought with refunds we got from SARS. Of… Read more →

We made a movie | 22seven
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We made a movie.

A short one. It’s about the silly things we humans do with our money. And the best things we do with our money. And how, sometimes, they’re the same thing.

22seven for Android
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22seven for Android™ has landed.

Ta-daa! Our Android app is available. You can download it right now on Google Play™ and take it with you anywhere, any time. For instance: At the supermarket, use the app to check how much you have left to spend on groceries for the month. On the bus or in a queue, see how you’ve… Read more →

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Showing that interest rate who’s boss.

What goes down must come up and with a new base interest rate in South Africa we’ll be paying more for loans and credit. It doesn’t have to be bad news, however. 22seven has a strategy for doing battle with fierce rates and understanding what it means to you.

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Small starts to big things.

Keeping track of exactly how much you spend on things can be tricky. When 22seven user Selwyn took a closer look he saw just how much he spent on bank charges and could then make an informed decision to change banks – a simple action that freed up money he can now use to save for a pilot’s license or put towards home repairs. The first step is seeing clearly…

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From now and then to here and now.

Budgeting requires a lot of effort and doesn’t save us from bad decisions in the moment. Ross faced this problem but found the solution with 22seven. Now he can focus on saving money by making the right decisions when it matters. Smart.