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Stokvels aren’t just about the money

They’re a massive economic force, but their benefits are also emotional. Nobhongo Gxolo writes about the kinds of stokvels that exist, and the non-financial reasons people belong to them.

History of Money 2
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A brief history of money (part 2): Chocolate coins, gold coins and other currency

Money has taken many forms. Here’s a little about what it could be, has been, and is.

I can't help you if you don't know what you spend
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“I can’t help you if you don’t know what you spend.”

For Kate Wolters, when it came to knowing were her money went, ignorance was bliss. But, older and wiser and more enlightened, knowledge is nirvana.

Money and culture
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The Culture of Money

In South Africa, being loaded is, well, loaded. But in other countries, with different histories and backgrounds, wealth is seen quite differently, as Susan Hayden experienced.

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What is a credit score? And why should you care?

Do you know what your credit score is? Taryn Bain shares the how and why.

How I dug myself out of debt
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How I dug myself out – and stay out – of debt (mostly)

Guest writer Kate Wolters spent her 20s getting into debt and much of her 30s getting out. Here are some of the lessons she learnt.

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Risk Part 2: Diversifying

Georgina Armstrong follows risk and return into safer waters, and the relative calm of diversification.

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How to not be broke at Christmas: saving ideas you’ll barely notice doing

Know how, after Christmas, you’re all poor and overdrafted and stuff? Not Tanya Kovarsky. Here’s how she manages to keep her head above water when everyone else is drowning.

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Risk Part I: Compensation for Sleepless Nights

“Risk.” “Reward.” No longer are these high-falutin financial concepts exclusively for the informed few. As our Georgina Armstrong explains, you actually already understand them.