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Note your savings. Save your notes.

July was Savings Month. How did that go? The Invest-save-repay spending group (or “purple money” to our friends) is for transactions that increase what you have or decrease what you owe. It’s all good for you, and your net value, so we think it all qualifies for Savings Month. On average, 22seven customers keep 8%… Read more →

22seven and taxtim
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How to use 22seven to rock your tax return

A few tips to help make 22seven tax friendly.

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Sort your stuff out

Put your accounts in their place We’re all about helping you sort your money stuff out. That includes arranging (and, if you’re inclined, rearranging) your linked accounts as you like, which you can now do just by dragging them. Do it on mobile, and it’ll automatically be saved on the web (or vice versa). Now… Read more →

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Same same. But better.

A short while ago, we let everyone know that things behind the scenes were a little different, but that 22seven was the same. Now it’s time to say that we’ve been working to actually make it better. Our focus over the last few weeks has been on making some of the tweaks and improvements you’ve been asking… Read more →

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Time is money: How much of your life did that cost?

What if… instead of paying for your car with cash you headed down to the dealership, rolled up your sleeves and washed or serviced 200 cars each month to pay it off. It would be like something out of an old-timey movie where you forget your wallet and have to wash the dishes to pay… Read more →

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Give your Money a Turboboost

The svens relate a story from a colleague.

Turning Money No-Nos into Money Know-Knows
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The Power of Nudges: Turning Money No-Nos into Money Know-Knows

How decision-making fallacies lead to poor money choices.

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The heart wants what it wants, and my brain is in cahoots

Budgeting is the art of aligning your spending with your values. The key is to separate your wants from your needs so that you’re more self-aware of how you’re spending money.

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Decellerate your mobile costs

Contract, or pre-paid? If you’re using a mobile phone, there is more to consider than just what you’re paying.

Paying tax: Do I need to pay tax?
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Do I need to pay tax?

Do you need to pay tax? Sometimes, no. SARS has recently communicated that if you earn less than R350,000 in a year, and fulfil a series of complicated criteria, you may not have to file a tax return in 2016. If you earned under R350 000 before tax in a full year from one employer and have… Read more →