How Black Friday stopped me from spending too much
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How Black Friday Cured Me From Spaving

Sometimes saving is just spending dressed up nicely, says Marisan Bernard.

All Babies Need Is Love And Insurance
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All babies need is love and life insurance

When a baby is born, its parents are overwhelmed with a sense of joy and responsibility. And your financial priorities shift. For Georgina Guedes, this meant fewer clothes and magazines, and more Babybel cheeses and life insurance.

Freelancer Rates
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How to work out what to charge as a freelancer

Dax Villanueva shares some of the do’s, don’ts, ideas and tips he’s learned flying solo.

How to have a Debt Free Christmas
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How to have a happy (and debt-free) Christmas.

Helen Brain’s December-January has gone slightly non-traditional of late, and it’s working out just fine.

No Fun Shopping
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Save money by shopping where it’s no fun

If you want to save money, Georgina Guedes has worked out that you need to stop going to places that make you want to spend it – especially when you’re buying groceries.

Money Lessons We Learn From Folks
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Money lessons we learn from our folks

We learn money lessons from our parents – whether they know they’re teaching us or not. Nobhongo Gxolo looks at some of the lessons we learn, and how we learn them.

The Miracle of Replacing Ambition
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The miracle of replacing ambition with contentment

When she was 25, Georgina Guedes bought a house. She almost sold it eight years later, and then realised she was making a terrible mistake.

Do what you love?
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Do what you love?

Guest writer Dax Villanueva has a bone or two to pick with the notion that we should pursue our passion at work.

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22seven October Blog Roundup

Play catch up with some of our highlights for the month.

The Best Thing to Spend Money On
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The best thing to spend your money on is… travel!

They say you should buy experiences rather than things. And travel is the experience that you’ll gain the most from, Georgina Guedes says, so that’s how you should spend your money – as long as you have it.