Make 2021 your best financial year yet

Life gives us a second chance every 365 days. A chance to do better and to be better. After a year like 2020, we desperately need to turn over a new leaf. But what will you do with the new opportunities 2021 holds? Will you start anew or keep on locking horns with your wallet?… Read more →

Structuring your financial accounts

Within 30 seconds, could you tell someone where your money is and how much you have in each of your accounts? Often we have too many accounts, duplicate accounts attracting double the bank charges or a lot of money in non-interest bearing accounts. Setting up a financial structure which is simple and easy to follow… Read more →

Healthy eating on a budget

Healthy eating is often associated with spending more money. It’s true that eating healthily can be expensive, however, there are many ways to eat nutritious foods that your body – and wallet – will thank you for. These 4 tips will help you stay on track with your health goals and your budget. Plan your meals… Read more →

Start saving for retirement in your 20s

One of the biggest questions about retirement is when to start saving. Even though you might be in your early 20s and retirement may seem a long way off, it’s vital to start sooner rather than later.

Keep this in mind when shopping this Black Friday 🛍

With the financial consequences of the pandemic still looming for most, it’s important to keep these tips in mind when going Black Friday shopping.

Tax benefits to consider before the end of February 2021

If you’re paid a salary each month, it may feel like receiving income and paying tax are automated tasks. Any monthly tax deductions as well as contributions to company benefit plans might seem like values you don’t have any control over. However, you most likely have a rough idea of your income and expenses, which… Read more →

What the US elections mean for South Africa 🗳️

All eyes are on Biden to kick-start US economic recovery and to strengthen relationships with developing countries like South Africa, as well as with other developed nations. While we wait in anticipation for the newly elected president to take the stage, let’s hold onto the future prospects of the Biden blue wave.

Investments: How to get the most bang for your buck

Being a successful investor over the long term is actually fairly simple, anyone can do it! The key is to do as little as possible – which doesn’t actually sound like good advice, but hear us out.  Fidelity, a large asset manager in the US, has done a study to find out which accounts had… Read more →

What’s the deal with the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement?

2-3 min read (or getting dressed for your morning run) Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni finally gave the budget speech after it was postponed by a week. “We must rebuild our economy, rehabilitate our public finances and recover from the devastation wrought upon us by COVID-19”, he proclaimed. The Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) was made on 28… Read more →

Do you know why you want to be financially free?

Financial freedom has become a buzzword made popular by Youtubers, writers and bloggers. Many of us have the goal to be financially free, but far fewer actually attain that goal. One of the reasons for this is that we say we want to be financially free, but have no idea what that actually means, or… Read more →

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Why Do We Always Choose Gold? 🏅

For decades, gold has been regarded as a safe haven for investors in times of crisis and uncertainty. The coronavirus pandemic is no exception.

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Open Banking – How you will benefit from it

As discussed in our Slice newsletter this week, Open Banking is the term used to describe the sharing of your financial data through electronic and secure means with third parties (like 22seven) of whom you have approved.

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How Open Banking Can Change Your Life  📂

Open Banking involves the consensual sharing of your financial data to third parties, in a secure manner, in an effort to help improve your financial situation. South Africans would benefit immensely from a similar regulatory environment that currently exists in places like the UK.

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South Africa’s credit rating is junk – will yours be too?

South Africa has been downgraded over time to junk status. Our growing and unstable Debt-to-GDP ratio is a large reason for this.

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Printing Money to Save SA? 🖨

Government’s debt has been increasing each year since 2008. The reason boils down to two simple concepts that everyone is familiar with: spending too much, earning too little or a combination of the two. The current pandemic looks set to worsen our levels of debt. A country’s debt is typically measured as a percentage of… Read more →

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Changing gravity with interest rates

Suppose one morning you wake up to discover gravity had been reduced – you can now jump higher and weights in the gym feel lighter. Almost all physical activities are easier to complete. This all sounds superb, but highly improbable.

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Building BRICS

Amidst all the headlines dominating the news recently, you may have missed one relating to a R19 billion loan taken by the South African government from the New Development Bank.

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What’s The Rand Doing?

The South African Rand has taken a hit in the past few weeks as a result of many factors including the Coronavirus, rating agency downgrades and a poor economic outlook.

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Simple Rules for Generating Wealth

Today’s guest blog post comes from Stealthy Wealth.

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Don’t Obsess Over Your Investments

Today’s post comes from Hendrik Brand. Hendrik blogs about personal finance and financial independence at Tigers on a Golden Leash.